The Silver Gambler

The Home of Velrok Tibetan Spaniels & Cocker Spaniels

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Velrok El Diablo

(Chicko Von Gut Friedburg

Sch.III. FH /

Rosehurst Caroline)

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Ch. Velrok Hanif

(Amcross Hannibal/

Velrok Kazminda)

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Our website is named after Joanne's  horse of a lifetime -

The Silver Gambler (1991-2012)

From childhood, owning an Arabian horse had been a dream which only finally came true about 30 years ago, but the Arabian has always been an Inspiration, a lesson in beauty and movement.

Before the first horse came the second choice - Dog!

The German Shepherd was first to arrive in 1974, and pictured left is Joanne's German Shepherd of a lifetime 'Velrok El Diablo, born in 1978. 

The Tibbies charmed their way in ('Mini' in 1977) and took control of the Shepherds, Tibetan Spaniel Ch. Velrok Hanif won Best of Breed at Crufts in 1996.

Barbara started with Chihuahuas, her first love being a rough collie which she used to take walks for a neighbour whilst still at school, but our father was a dedicated cat person, so only a small breed was permitted.

The Tibetans arrived in 1981, and lastly the Cockers in 2008. In 2014 we all moved in together to our present Lincolnshire home.

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Missti Moonlight Sonata (Dotty, left) and her daughter Carstairwell Charisma (Izzy)

The Silver Gambler

(Platinum Domino/Souhoura)

Photo courtesy of Eric Jones